The Power of the Beacon

A bluetooth smart “beacon” sends out regular radio pulses with a very short range. A beacon is a low cost, low maintenance and long life device. Inside your app you can use the proximity data for many things. Here a few benefits you get from deploying an iBeacon ready app.


Indoor Mapping

Aid your users navigate through your building, showroom, store, mall, event, university and every other space imaginable. Indoor mapping along can increase your app usage and downloads.


Hyperlocal Context

Content ready to serve as you walk near a feature, artwork, product, business or any other specific spot you designate to trigger additional content within your app.



Map your user flow across your floor plan and keep track of them as they progress through your space, optimizing to increase efficiency.

Time to revolutionize your industry!

Harness the power to enable “GPS shopping”, Turn-by-turn directions, foot traffic analytics, real time indoor positioning, hyperlocal context and much more.